You are potentially eligible!

To complete registration of your claim we need a bit more information.

You will also be asked for supporting documentation. If you do not have the documents to hand, you will be able to provide them later.

Please note final eligibility will be determined pending confirmation of your vehicle having been impacted directly and certain other matters.

Step 1: Vehicle information
Step 2: Additional information and agreement
Step 3: Ownership information
Step 4: How was the vehicle purchased?
Step 5: Proof of purchase
Step 6: Statement of truth

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It is important that you complete all the steps in this process, and answer all the questions as fully and accurately as possible.

If you are responding to these questions in support of a company’s claim, then please enter information on the company’s behalf.

In order to begin, please confirm that:

  • You have not formally instructed another firm of solicitors to bring a claim for you (if you have only registered your interest with them, then you can proceed);
  • You do not act as a lawyer for other claimants in similar litigation or work for Mercedes or connected entity;
  • In accessing the claim documents, you will treat the claim documents as confidential.

You should confirm all options to be able to proceed to the next step.

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