13 August 2020

Mercedes-Benz and parent company, Daimler, say they will pay more than $3 billion USD (£2.3B) to settle diesel emissions cases in the United States.

16 June 2020

Daily Express reports on the Mercedes Emissions Claim with the article, “Mercedes owners may be ‘eligible for compensation’ according to this former Top Gear host“.

1 June 2020

Hausfeld launches investigation of claims on behalf of Mercedes customers.

25 May 2020

German Federal Court announces that VW must pay compensation to German motorist for intentional immoral damage, following which VW announces that it will offer German motorists a one-off payment.

30 April 2020

Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston issues opinion in a case pending at the European Court of Justice in which she makes clear that certain objectives do not justify the use of defeat devices.

November 2019

German media outlet reported that the German transport authority investigating software used in smaller diesel engines installed in models such as the Mercedes A and B-Class.

October 2019

German transport authority ordered Daimler to recall certain Mercedes van models. The notice affected vehicles of the predecessor model of the current Sprinter model including the Vito/Viano models.

September 2019

The Stuttgart Prosecutor’s Office fined Daimler €870m for a negligent violation of the duty of supervision in a department of Daimler dealing with vehicle certification in the period from 2008, resulting in regulatory approvals being granted for diesel vehicles whose NOx emissions did not meet regulatory requirements. German media outlet reported that Daimler did not contest the fine.

June 2019

German transport authority ordered Daimler to recall certain models which were found to contain an inadmissible switch-off device and/or impermissible reduction in the effectiveness of the emissions control system. Daimler reported that the criticised functionality was contained in a variety of models and that it would review the issue. In September 2019, the German transport authority extended the recall.

June 2018

German transport authority ordered Daimler to recall 774,000 vehicles across Europe because they were fitted with inadmissible defeat devices.

July 2017

Daimler announced that it would undertake “voluntary service action” to more than three million diesel vehicles in Europe to improve the NOx emissions of the vehicles.

March 2017

Daimler instituted a voluntary recall of “compact class cars” with “one engine version”, including Mercedes V-Class and other models.

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